4 Myths That Keep You From Buying A Hybrid

Let’s face it, the more you research buying a hybrid vehicle the more confused you can get. Whether you’re looking for fuel savings, environmental friendliness or boosting your cool points, it almost impossible to separate fact from fiction when trying to decide on the next car to park in your garage. That’s where the product specialists at Antwerpen Toyota can help, their personal experience, factory training, and product knowledge can help weed out truth from fiction when you’re searching for your new hybrid Toyota.

Some myths that the professionals at Antwerpen Toyota hear every day when educating hybrid car shoppers.

Myth #1 “I’ll be stranded if I can’t plug it in.” Hybrid cars aren’t electric cars that need to have their battery charged after each use. In fact, one of the key features of owning a hybrid is the systems ability to harness energy from stopping and slowing the car to recharge itself. Hybrid cars still have a gas engine (thus the term hybrid) that keep the car under power when the batteries fall below a certain charge level.

Myth #2 “It’s still new and untested technology.” Hybrid technology has been around for well over a century, with the first known hybrid vehicle appearing at the 1900 Paris Expo. Toyota introduced the Prius, the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle, over twenty years ago in 1997. While technology is always advancing and improving it is far from untested.

Myth #3 “The hybrid batteries don’t last long and cost a fortune to replace.” The cost of hybrid battery replacement is often a concern for car buyers that has been greatly exaggerated. While battery technology has made great strides in both reliability and durability, Toyota stepped up to alleviate any concerns by offering a best in the industry warranty on hybrid battery and components. Talk to an Antwerpen Toyota product specialist today to learn more about this incredible warranty.

Myth #4 “Hybrid cars are vastly underpowered.” The overall goal of hybrid vehicles is to achieve superior fuel economy which by definition requires slower speeds and less engine power. However, that doesn’t mean hybrid cars are incapable of performance. Superstar hybrid cars like the 2018 Toyota Camry are capable of producing 208 HP and still maintain an incredible combined 52 MPG rating.

With all of the information out there about hybrid technology, both good and bad, it’s important to get the facts from people who know them. That’s why you shouldn’t make your next car purchasing decision without speaking to the professionals at Antwerpen Toyota.


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