Anavar & Alcohol – How Dangerous Are They

When it comes to personal muscle and weight gain using anabolic steroids, there are many things to consider. Few users combine alcohol and Anavar. This can be really dangerous. There are many reasons behind this. Main thing is it is not safe to mix alcohol and anabolic steroids.

Most important thing is both Anavar and alcohol are hard on liver. For some users who is not having any history of liver illness or failure and if they are not drinking on a daily basis, this combination may not result in any harmful effects.

But people who drink on regular basis and have the habit of mixing anabolic steroids and alcohol must be consider this seriously. Major issues will not arise if one takes little drink when they are on steroid regimen. They may not even get issues with liver. But one is into prolonged use of these, will definitely experience adverse effects. Issues will be mainly n the liver and they may also face problems in their overall health also but, there ways to prevent these issues.

Anavar dosage:

Like any other steroid usage, even when using Anavar one must be very careful about the dose they follow. The dosage must be decided on the present body size, age, weight , and health condition. By following the proper dosages which are meant for aimed results, one can prevent many side effects.

Before starting the dose one must consult a professional for suggestions. The standard dose suggested for Anavar is 25 mg a day. For some users it is 50 mg a day. This will be based on their needs. Usually for female users, it is started from 10 mg a day. Visit for more knowhow.

Alcohol and steroid mix:

Usage of any type steroids will have some effects on the liver. But some are considered tougher to the liver. This will be based on their composition and even concentration. That is why when taking steroids, which is already tough on the liver, user must reconsider their drinking habits.

If the user has plans or habit of heavy drinking then he must think about cut back on steroid consumption. This must be done few days earlier to help the system to balance. There are some steroids which are considered as pro- hormones which should not be combined with alcohol.

Alcohol consumption:

One more thing to be rechecked well is how much alcohol can be consumed when user is on alcohol regimen. If one is on casual drink then he may not face any issues. But if there is some plan to drink heavily then they must have a check on both steroid consumption and the amount of drink they want to consume. Liver issues will arise with harder drinking habits.


One thing that can make a lot of difference is overall position in the Anavar cycle. That means the level of hormone which one is taking at that particular time. This is very important when we consider risks related to liver.