Causes of Sagging Jawline & how to Fix it

A smooth, nice, clean and well defined jawline eventually creates a youthful looking face. With age the facial skin start to lose its elasticity and then an excess in sagging skin around the jawline can be noticed. But before one can properly help to get rid of these nagging jowls and tighten the jawline; take a look at what really causes the bothersome jowls in the first place.

Repetitive facial expressions pull your face downwards especially when collagen and elastin start to wear away over time

With age the skin around the jawline starts to sag.

Sleeping with the face pressed against a pillow can cause nagging jowls

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Low estrogen level cause you sagging jaws

Too much exposure to the sun causes the jawline to sag

Certain individuals have a hereditary tendency to jowls. This may for instance explain incidents of jowls that appear at an early stage. If your parents have jowls, you may have a genetic tendency to the problem as well.

Sudden weight loss may leave you with an additional loose skin in the jawline and the neck.

Smoking can cause jowls to sag quicker. Cigarette contains nicotine and many other harmful chemicals that rush up the ageing process by not only injuring elastin and collagen but also thinning the blood vessels in the skin and thus obstructing blood circulation.

All these cause sagging jowls which in turn add years to your face as they steal away from that young, well chiseled shape of the jawline and make your face look like an old. If you want to get rid of sagging jawline without going for any surgical procedures then Facial Rejuvenation with Lift by Sono Bello can be the right option for you.

Apart from treating the loose or wrinkled skin on the jowls and jawline; this procedure also treats wrinkles and drooping skin around the eyes, unattractive fat deposits or loss of muscle tone and creases and sagging on the face and neck.

So if you have noticed the signs of sagging and if you are not keen on getting the invasive procedure done, you might want to consider taking up Facial Rejuvenation with Lift as this process can help to tighten your skin again without using any surgical methods. Once you have finalized to undergo this procedure; what you need to do is meeting with the physician to discuss the areas of your neck and face that trouble you most. The Sono Bello surgeons will work along with you to personalize a procedure that offers unbelievable, natural looking results that will bring back your newer, fresher, and livelier look.

The clinic understands that price is a cause for just about everybody when selecting whether to do a cosmetic procedure. And yet security, consequences and quality of care are of great importance and are components that you cannot afford to detriment. Thus, it has come up with several financial plans which will allow you to get the service at a much lower price.