Determining the Service at a Funeral Home

Once someone passes, family members have to decide what to do with their body and how they would like to honor the life. There are a few options at Woodlawn Funeral Home.

Burial or Graveside Service

A burial with a graveside service is preferred in a number of customs and faiths. Both Jewish and Islamic traditions have strong religious reasoning for committing to burial. There are reasons that this might be the right option for your loved one at Woodlawn Funeral Home. Besides religious requirements, burials have a simplicity to them that can provide closure.

Funerals are made up of three phases. The visitation, or viewing, occurs before the actual funeral and gives those a chance to pay respects. The funeral service takes place at the funeral home or church and will include the singing of hymns and readings from scriptures. The committal service takes place after at the cemetery, where the casket is then put into the ground. Usually final words are said.


Woodlawn Funeral Home offers cremation services that could be beneficial for your loved ones. There has been an increase in the number of cremations due to religious practices softening on the idea that it is outlawed. Cremation offers flexibility for love ones. The cremation process can happen right away after all the paperwork has been completed, but the family can take time to plan a memorial or ceremony that is meaningful, and it can be done in a more relaxed setting. For those that are environmentally conscious, cremation can be a better choice because the casket won’t be taking up space in a cemetery or polluting ground water. However, there are still some questions about the atmospheric pollution caused by cremation. Cremation is usually a cheaper option for those that can’t afford all the expenses that come along with a burial. With cremation, you can still have traditional funeral services and can still have a viewing before the cremation takes place.

Memorial Service

Memorial services differ from funerals because there is no casket on display and they don’t have to follow the three phases of the funeral. Cremated remains may be on display in an urn but not always. Unlike a funeral, the memorial service can be held at any time after the death, sometimes even months later. Memorial services can be held anywhere of importance to the loved one or at a place where people can gather to pay their respects, like a church, community hall or Woodlawn Funeral Home. Memorial services can also serve as a celebration of life. Many choose a memorial service to celebrate the life and move away from doing things the same old way in regards to a traditional funeral.