DHEA – The Most Understated But Effective Supplement

DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone is a naturally occurring steroid that is often selected by athletes to improve their testosterone production. It allows quick fat loss, promotes lean muscle gain, and increases in energy as well as improves libido. DHEA has gained much public appeal when average people started having athletic composure with a glow in their skin.

DHEA also improves the insulin production, improves the immune system. In fact, DHEA is clubbed with many vitamins and minerals in medicines and nutritional supplements. It also a vital element that helps bone growth and brain functions.

Dosages of DHEA

There are few important details that you need to know before you decide to take this steroid. In order to lose fat, you will at least need 200 mg of DHEA per day. The dosage can be taken upto 1400 mg per day, depending upon the fat loss goals.

However, before starting the cycle you must check with a professional and undergo few blood and enzymatic tests. Since DHEA is a natural steroid, its absorption depends largely on the enzymatic functions of the body. Therefore, if you have a poor gut you may be advised to take some digestive enzymes for better absorption of it.

Also, you must not forget the steroid increases energy expenditure of the body. DHEA does two things related to energy production, i.e. it makes it easier for the body to metabolize fat and it does not allow the lover to store the extra glycogen. Therefore, you need to supplement this according to the timing of your daily workout routine. It is advised to take 30 minutes prior to training.

Effects on thermogenesis

Many weight loss supplements including caffeine based pills works by increasing the basal metabolic temperature of the body, which in turn burns the fat away. DHEA also follows the same rule and increases the enzymatic action of both the liver and the stomach. Unlike caffeine based pills it raises the blood pressure and the level of androgenic activity throughout the day. This means that DHEA is a non-stimulant steroid that can be safely taken by anyone.

Other benefits with DHEA

DHEA also speeds up weight loss by raising the hormonal levels of the thyroid glands. Pure T3 is often supplemented to budding athletes, but DHEA can naturally increase the T3 levels. As the T3 level increases fat deposition from the waist and the thigh areas start depleting rapidly. Within no time and with proper exercise regimen and diet you will see improvement in your muscular gain and mass.