Dog Lovers? Know These Dog Care Helpful Tips And Advice!

Having a pet dog is oddly similar to having kids, though it’s a bit more complicated because you have limited means of communication. Still, dogs are one of the best companions that man can have. They are loyal and caring. They love to protect their owners, and they like being showered with affection.

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility, always to keep them healthy just visit a cat clinic near you like Gordon Vet, well-loved and safe. Here are some things that you can do to keep your dog happy.


People might think that only humans need exercise, but dogs actually need it as much as we do. Dogs often channel their energy through playing and walking. Aside from that, exercise keeps them fit and healthy. Without it, larger breeds often suffer from hip dysplasia and smaller breeds from knee dysplasia. These diseases often happen when the dog is larger than its expected weight.


Grooming is something imperative. It is essential that you bathe your dog at least twice a week; this is to keep its coat clean. A bath is one of the best tick treatment and prevention for dogs. If you are hesitant to use any veterinary product, you can also make a homemade solution to address a tick problem. Daily combing is needed for long coated dogs.

Don’t forget dental hygiene, too. Some dogs are prone to having teeth problems. If you are having problems on brushing your dog’s teeth, there are products that can help you exert as minimal effort as you want to. For instance, you can put dog toothpaste on their toy ropes or things that they love to chew.

Monthly Check-ups

Keeping your dog’s health in check is important. As much as possible, you have to take your dog to the vet. For dogs living in the northern parts of Australia, the months of February to August are the most crucial; the infamous tick infestation that happens throughout this time. Find time to visit a professional North Shore Vet Clinic to make sure your dog is free from the risk of tick paralysis.


When feeding your dogs, it is very important that you know what foods they can eat and what foods can kill them. Remember that dogs are not allowed to eat chocolate and onions because they will poison them. TO make things easier, you can keep a list of food that they should and should not eat.

You can use a pitcher as your dog food dispenser. It will make it easier for you to dispense and regulate the amount of food that you put into their bowl. You can also recycle some pancake syrup bottles and use them as your dog’s water bottle when you are outside for a walk. It will be easier for you to hydrate them that way.


For sick dogs, you can get help from St Ives vet like Gordon Vet or make a medication pellet by mixing milk, peanut butter, and flour. This is one example of the easiest ways to make them take their medicine.

Cooling them off

On hot summer days, make sure that you keep your dog hydrated and refreshed. Always keep clean cold water in their bowls. If you want them to cool off, get an inflatable pool and allow them to play and soak for a few minutes.

These are some things that you could do for your pets. Remember they are not just animals but rather, they are a part of your family.