Four reasons why you should regularly have your lady bits examined by a doctor

A visit to the gynaecologist is not top of many people’s lists of fun activities. Sadly though, it is something that should be done often – probably as often as once a year. In the same way that there are many reasons why you should visit the dentist, or the optometrist annually, so too are there several reasons why you should be visiting the gynaecologist. But what are those reasons exactly? When everything appears to be working well it often seems unnecessary to take time out to go for a check-up, but it is critical that this happens, and here is why.

Basic physical

Everyone needs a check-up from time to time. In the same way that a car needs to have its plugs and oil changed every so often, so too humans need to go for physicals. A gynaecologist is a specialist in women’s health and specifically in reproductive health. But a visit to the gynae is not just about looking at the parts beneath the skirt, it also involves a full check-up of the other vitals. So, visiting the gynaecologist is in effect the same as visiting the General Practitioner. Two birds and one stone and all that! If you don’t already have a gynae then speak to friends or use the internet: a simple search for something like ‘gynaecologists Melbourne should be enough to provide you with the details that you need.   

Not so obvious

Because your ‘lady parts’ are inside you, it is not always easy to see if things are in perfect health. Unlike male parts or your eyes or skins etc, the uterus and ovaries are internal, and they can face issues or complications that are simply not seen until it is too late. Don’t allow that to happen.

Cancer is a reality

Breast and cervical cancer are both common killers of women and they need to be checked for on a regular basis. Looking for lumps in your own breasts is a great place to start by a qualified doctor is also a great back up. Pap smears and pelvic exams, while not much fun, are also very important in early identification of cancerous cells and complications. These are routine procedures for your gynaecologist, and as much as you might feel awkward and vulnerable, rest assured that this is simply routine for your doctor, they see naked females every day and perform these procedures regularly – there is no need for embarrassment or shame.

Changes and development

Unlike men who are pretty much the same physically from birth to death, the female body undergoes a lot of changes. To ensure that these happen correctly and as expected it is a good idea to see your doctor regularly. From the onset of puberty and menstruation through pregnancy and onwards to menopause and beyond there will be plenty of changes both physically and hormonally. Your gynaecologist is the health expert in these changes and the person who will shepherd you along, provide the wise counsel that might be needed and the scripts for any meds that may be needed to help make the changes easier.