Garden Tool Checklist

Having the right set of tools will make any work a whole lot faster and easier. Gardening is one of those laborious activities that require at least the essential tools. You can ask any gardener Randwick by Amico, and they’ll ensure you that there is a certain number of tools you need to enjoy gardening more.

For the record, it isn’t necessary to complete all the tools and accessories that prove useful for gardening. You can certainly do without some of them depending on the type of plant you have and the method of gardening you prefer. However, if you want to be prepared for any gardening obstacle you may encounter, it is best to have any of these items on hand.

So, without further ado, here is an extensive checklist for all your garden tool must-haves.

A garden’s visual appeal always shows with proper maintenance.

  1. The Weeder

Although you can use your hands to collect weed, using a weeder will make the job much faster and easier. It can also let you remove the offending plant completely, so it doesn’t bother you again after just a few weeks. Still, weeding is one of the most time-consuming tasks you can take on when you are gardening. So it is up to you whether you prefer the tool or go about it with your hands alone.

  1. A Garden Specific Pair of Scissors

Your ordinary office scissors won’t just make the right cut. A good quality pair of garden scissors is essential and incredibly versatile for gardening tasks. You can use it for pruning small flowers, opening seed packets, and a lot more others. This multi-purpose tool is a must-have for any gardener.

  1. A Soil Knife

When it comes to soil work, most people opt for a shovel. While it is totally useful, there is another type of gardening tool that proves to be more useful. A soil knife is originally a Japanese tool called Hori-Hori. It looks like a thinner shovel with a sharp, serrated blade on both ends. It’s extremely useful for digging and cutting things.

  1. A Curved Shovel

A curved shovel is a staple gardening tool for a lot of heavy duty digging work. You can transfer plants and large shrubs as well as dig large holes with a full shovel. A full-length curved shovel also makes it easier and faster to loosen up a lot of soil at a time.

  1. A Hand Saw

A hand saw is not only for woodworking projects, but it is also a handy tool every gardener should own. While garden scissors or pruning shears can tackle smaller plants and branches, a hand saw is necessary for larger branches of trees.

  1. Gardening Gloves

Even if you don’t mind getting dirty, garden gloves are necessary to prevent any injuries and blisters while working on your garden. You should also keep them on especially when handling other garden tools.

  1. Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is a must even if you don’t like gardening at all. It keeps your lawn in great length and condition. However, it can get tiresome especially if you have a large yard. For that, you can get help from friendly gardeners Balmain from Amico to assist you with all your gardening needs.

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Final Word

You’ll be surprised to find that having the essential gardening tools will help make your work faster and easier. Otherwise, consider getting professional garden maintenance if you don’t want to bother with different tools for your garden.