Get Familiar with Seasons in Hanoi to Plan a Trip

Hanoi city lies in northern hemisphere and enjoys four seasons. This means December experiences chilly winters, whereas steaming summers hover in July and August. So, it is difficult to give firm prediction of Hanoi’s weather in respect to each month or season, as rainfall, temperatures and sunshine fluctuates daily.

General suggestions regarding seasons in Hanoi

Coldest time – December to February

The temperatures drop to 10°C, which is very cold. You can even expect humidity and chill winds. This does not mean it is bad to visit because skies are bright blue and rainfall is negligible. In case, the temperature hits 20°C then exploring city on foot can be an awesome experience. Roads will not be crowded and you can enjoy sightseeing. Join Hanoi food tours to get an insight about the local cuisine.

Drizzling months – April and May

Weather-wise April and May are great months. The constant 20°C temperature is soothing because the scorching summer is not still set in. skies are clear and rainfall is just I the form of drizzle. You need to carry an umbrella. Tourists just sit in a café enjoying the surrounding view along with a glass of beer or coffee without experiencing any sweat.

Hottest months – June, July, August

Temperatures reach as high as 40°C and average is 30°C along with high humidity. Heat makes moving around a chore. You have to get sweaty or give up sightseeing and plan a visit to the swimming pool. Officially, it is rainy season, so you can enjoy regular downpour of half an hour. Transportation is also hard to find, when it rains. Walking is not fun in torrential downpour because many Hanoi streets are prone to floods.

Hybrid months – September, October, November

In September temperature drops slightly but in October the Celsius drops and you can walk around to explore. Temperature and rainfall are similar to April and May.

Thus, you cannot say when is the bad time for visiting Hanoi. For some people, cold months can be depressing and a few tourists hate heat. Plan accordingly and don’t allow weather to spoil your tour.