Getting Around in Jakarta

wonderful indonesiaThere is a wide variety of transport in Jakarta. There isn’t one best way to go around, but you can choose the best alternative to go from point A to point B. Below are several options that you can choose to get around Jakarta.

Gojek for getting ojeks (see below) and food delivery

Grab to get taxis (GrabTaxi), private cars (GrabCar) and ojeks (GrabBike)

Uber to get private cars (UberX), luxury cars (Uber Black) and ojeks (Uber Motor).

The prices for those services are lower than regular taxis and normal ojeks (at least 30% less).

Throughout your stay in the city, you might also ride one of the following:


Becak is a man-powered rickshaw. If you never try this one mode of transportation, you can find them in some areas in Glodok.


Bajaj is the equal of this motorized rickshaws in India or the tuk-tuk in Thailand. They cannot use the main roads so that they are pretty much confined to function in a small area.


Ojeks is literally a motorbike-taxis. It is very convenient because it is effortless to find one and they will help you avoid traffic. The cost has to be negotiated before, and usually, it’s about 20,000 IDR to 40,000 IDR for a 20 minutes ride. If you use an online ojeks such as Gojek, Uber Motor or GrabBike, then the costs are considerably cheaper. The rate is depending on the distance. However, you can expect to cover half of their standard rate.


Angkot operates at every 100 meters. It’s not very fast, but the best part of this is that it’s really cheap, approximately 2000 IDR no matter far you go. You might find the people are often entertained to see foreigners inside there.


It’s pretty good in comparison with the rest, though it’s rare that you can make a whole trip using just the Transjakarta because inter-connexions are still limited. They have their own lane, making it the fastest mean of transport during the worst traffic hours. It’s more expensive than a regular bus (3,500 IDR), but although the service might not be perfect, it is far better than in Kopajas.