Glock Mag Extension For Better Accuracy In Shooting

Nowadays the Glock pistol becomes best Gun of choice for both law enforcement and criminals in the United States. The Glock weapon was normally created by curtain-rod manufacturer Gaston Glock in 1982. Glock does not like ordinary handguns available on the market in those days and decided to manufacture new style of guns in the most effective manner. Gaston Glock asked the gun experts before starting in his native Austria to improve a handgun based on the modern era. It is said that a gun with much larger ammunition capacity along with more durable and reliable would be easier to fire as well as easier to handle in the absolute style. Glock pistols are specialized weapon that is much more safer to use and handle in the fantastic way. Glock model adopted by Austrian army also contained the 36 parts and it could hold only 17 bullets in Magazine. Glock has the external safety when compared to the other semiautomatic handguns but it do not have the decocking mechanism. Glock Mags are lightweight and interchangeable model that could be easily handled and changed subjected to temperature extremes. Glock accurately fires the target without any hassle and the mags filled more content than the usual.

Glock Pistol Mags:

The Glock Pistol Mags acts as the ideal accessory for the recreational shooters as well as tactical operators with providing the simple and quick pistol magazine. Mag Extensions are pistol magazine storage solution built from durable nylon so that it would feature the non-slip traction coating to enhance much security. In fact, it is also quite compatible with the hook and loop closures for easy integration based on the load out. All these Magazine Extension so that it would be genuine way directly from factory. Buying the Glock magazines in the aftermarket magazines would be the convenient option for much suitable environment. As a law enforcement officer, it is necessary to make the life depend on the firearm so that it would suitable for choosing the best one. Glock Pistol Mags

  • New Factory Original Glock Magazines
  • Hardened Steel Insert
  • Polymer Coating Protects Magazine
  • High Tech Polymer
  • Viewing Windows For Each Cartridge
  • Visual Confirmation
  • Constructed Of Stiff Metal
  • Double Stack Design

Glock magazines are built with the hardened steel insert that would encase the high tech polymer so that the coating would be much more easier for protecting magazine. In fact the polymer coating would easily prevent deformation when dropped from of the greater height.

Features Of Glock Magazines:

The Glock mag are Constructed with the stiff metal that is encased with the Glock polymer. Factory replacement magazines in the Glock act as the convenient option for much visual and the Double stack design is quite style in much sophisticated way. Glock Pistol Mags are important and plays the vital part and there is no reason not having extra magazine ready for the go. Pistol Mags are Compatible with Glock and Easier to disassemble with specially designed base plate