How Do I Effectively Treat for a Termite Infestation?

You’ve come across one of your worst nightmares: your beloved home is infested with pests. Termites are one of the oldest species on the planet, and as such, have evolved to withstand many of the obstacles that have wiped out other, less hardy species. Why is this important to know? It will encourage you to call for termite treatment. San Jose trusts MightyMite Termite to quickly, effectively and safely exterminate termites so you can go back to your life, pest-free.

Types of Termite Control

  • DIY: While some people may ask themselves if they can go the do-it-yourself route for treating termites, MightyMite suggests contacting their expert pest control service company to do the work for your subterranean, or underground, termites. However, you may not know how to safely handle pesticides or wish to subject yourself to chemicals, which can be safely done by a trained, certified exterminator.
  • Liquid Pesticides. Also called “termiticides,” these chemicals are barrier termite treatments that aim to keep termites out of your home and entering the structure. To do this, the termiticide gets into the soil to prevent termites inside the structure to gain access to moisture in the soil that they need to survive. This method gives you faster results than the DIY approach that many homeowners unsuccessfully attempt before calling a certified pest exterminator company.
  • Termite Baits. On the market, you’ll find various baiting systems for termite extermination. These work by putting the bait directly into the ground, at the barrier of the structure where termites find, feed on and die from the poisonous bait.
  • Combo Approach. Often, the best way to treat termites is to use a combination of baits and pesticides, and even DIY, to some extent (which usually means adhering to follow-up instructions from your local San Jose pest control company). Termites are extremely hardy insects which have been around for centuries, and as such, it’s important to use the most effective, aggressive treatments on the market to exterminate these pests from your home.

If you’re looking for termite treatment San Jose residents trusts, get in touch with MightyMite Termite today to treat your infestation problem in your home. MightyMite Termite uses the least toxic treatments possible so your home can go back to being your haven rather than the ideal home for termites to infest.

MightyMite Termite services is in the California Bay Area, eager to help you get back to a termite-free life.