How To Cook In A Wood Burning Cook Stove

If you look at magazines from the past, you would often see a wood burning cook stove featured prominently in households. Before people started cooking with electricity and gas, wood burning cook stoves where the primary mode of cooking. Cooking this way ensure that the food was extremely flavorsome and fuel consumption was at the most optimum level.

Wood has always been a reliable source of fuel right from olden days. Because it is easily available and is also very cheap, many people preferred to use wood. Even now, there are people still using wood cook stoves, especially in the rural parts of the country. Now electricity and gas are available for cooking. However, they are not as cheap as wood. So even nowadays, people still use wood cook stoves.Image result for How To Cook In A Wood Burning Cook Stove

The most striking and important feature of a wood stove is that it can perform a lot of different functions at the same time. Of course it can cook food, but it can also come in handy for keeping the house warm and heating water. Baking pies, cakes, breads, pizzas, and roasting meats can also be done quite efficiently in a wood stove.

When you put wood inside the stove and start using it, you will see that it generates a lot of heat. This means that along with cooking, it will also warm up your house. If the store is located strategically, it can provide considerable warmth to your family, and you will not have to use the heating so much. In areas where power outages are still common, wood cooking stove is a necessity.

By using a stove, you are ensuring that you have a reliable way of cooking food and also keeping the house warm. No matter what kind of weather is outside, you will always have a warm home, plenty of hot water, and amazingly tasty home-cooked meals. A wood cook stove is a symbol of self-reliance.

A wood cook stove is actually connected to a chimney. So you don’t have to worry about the smoke getting inside the house. When the cooking is being done, the smoke will escape through the chimney and only the heat of the store will remain inside the house. The firebox of the stove is where you burn the fire, and it also has an easy mechanism which will help you clean the ash completely. The baking oven in the stove will help you bake dishes, while you can carry out cooking regular meals using the top part of the cook stove. Want to buy a wood cook stove in Canada? Visit today!