Learn Common Causes of Automobile Fatalities to Stay Safe

Statistics is not always comforting. Many times it paints a bleak picture. Consider the car accident incidents in the USA. According to an estimate by the National Safety Council (NSC), nearly 40,000 deaths were caused by car accident in 2016. It is a sharp increase of 6% from the previous year’s record.

Modern technology is more advanced and claims over enhanced improvement on car safety are not a hyperbole. Still, accidents are happening at an alarming rate. That necessitates for us to learn the common causes of motor accidents and stay safe as much as possible.

Causes of car accidents can be classified under two heads – Driver’s Mistakes & Other Factors. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has identified driver’s error as the leading cause of car accidents in America.

Driver’s Mistakes

‘Distracted driving’ is reportedly the major cause of car accidents happening due to driver’s mistakes. And not surprisingly, cellphone is the prime cause of distraction. The NSC has pinpointed that 1/4th of all car accidents is caused due to cellphone use during driving.

Why are accidents more likely if an individual uses cellphone while driving? Contrary to a common belief, human brains are not capable of multitasking. However, it switches between two tasks so quickly that we assume we are handling both tasks with equal efficiency but it is just opposite to the reality.

Our attempt to juggle many hats simultaneously negatively affects our judgement. A driver can avoid an accident only if he can perceive about the probability of its happening. Such sense of perception sends a signal to the brain which, in turn, instructs the person to respond by taking an appropriate action. Seeing a hazard and taking an action are separated by a few seconds. If the driver is busy with another activity, the brain will fail to perceive the hazard and as a result, won’t have enough time to trigger a response.

Drunk driving is another considerable factor for car accidents. DUI/DWI is related to 40% of car accidents. If a driver decides to sit behind the wheel of an automobile immediately after enjoying his drinks, it could largely affect his vision, response time and natural decision making skill.

An individual must feel fit, fresh and fine while driving. A driver, who feels fatigue or has consumed alcohol or other illegal drugs, is more likely to miss signals. The consequences are obvious!

Speeding car often meets terrible casualties. Rash driving is very common these days. The reports claim that the teenagers are more involved into rash driving cases than their adult counterparts.

Other Factors

Condition of roads is an important factor of consideration while driving. If the roads are slippery or in trenchers conditions – these are very common during rainy season – accidents are most likely. Defective designs can also cause car fatalities. If the brake system or tires are not properly maintained, it will be almost impossible to stop a car if the situation demands.

If you are a victim of an automobile accident, you should seek help of a car accident lawyer to stay legally protected throughout the process and file your compensation claim in a convincing manner.