Peter Loftin- The Entrepreneur and Investor

Peter Loftin or Peter T. Loftin is the name of the renowned telecom entrepreneur and the son of Robert G. Loftin and Maree Nelson Loftin. Robert was the Korean War veteran and Maree was an elementary school teacher. Peter established Business Telecom, Inc. or BTI just when he was 25.

The career graph of Loftin:

Loftin entered to the telecommunications industry after the breakup of Bell Telephone monopoly. Then in the year 1983, he established as well as led Telecom Inc. (BTI), the Raleigh, NC based Business. His main aim was to expand the business successfully as one of the topmost telecommunication companies of this world as well as the biggest private employer in Raleigh, NC. Not just that, but Loftin was also the initiator of flat-rate pricing for long distance calls in the world of telecommunications.

After that, Business North Carolina Magazine honored Loftin with “North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year”. Apart from that, he was also awarded “Corporate Citizen of the Year Award” by NCEITA or the North Carolina Electronics and Information Technologies Association along with BTI for providing generously offering free internet services to all the disabled students in the rural schools all around North Carolina. At the same time, Peter Loftin was also publicly recognized by James B. Hunt, the Governor of North Carolina for the contributions that he made.

Then in 1999, BTI was positioned seventh nationally among the competitive local exchange carriers by New Paradigm Resources- the independent research group. During that point, BTI had the annual revenue record of $400 million approximately.

Peter Loftin also had an important involvement in both the business and community affair sectors of North Carolina. Actually, in 1997, he was the biggest provider to the BTI Center for the Performing Arts. This place is one of the biggest venues of performing arts between Washington D.C. and Tampa. Therefore, he was acknowledged as the single biggest contributor to Raleigh by Tom Fetzer, the Mayor of Raleigh and also by the City Council.

Establishment of Bardstown Bourbon (BBCo):

Peter Loftin set up the largest whiskey distillery in the USA in 2016. Named as Bardstown Bourbon, this whiskey distillery is the model of Rye Distilling, Collaborative Bourbon, and Whiskey Program. Besides, Loftin is also the chairman of this board.

Establishment of Casa Casuarina:

Due to his involvement in the field of Arts, in the year 2000, Loftin purchased Casa Casuarina. After selling a section of BTI, he invested certain percentage to some real estate endeavors and Casa Casuarina was known as one of the most opportunistic assets. According to Peter, this property was a great opportunity to return to the community. So, he gifted the venue of Casa Casuarina for more than 30 vital charities.

After he owned this property, he maintained every service of Ernst and Young to develop the study of highest as well as to use this property in the best way possible. He also developed this property as a part of club business and boutique hotel because of the recommendation of Ernst and Young.