The Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Side effects of Phentermine and Fenfluramine

Phentermine is a stimulant that is quite identical to amphetamine. As it affects the central nervous system, it behaves as an appetite suppressant. It is recommended to treat obesity in patients and is advisable to consume along with proper diet and exercise.

Uses and benefits

Usage for positive weight loss, proper dosage should be precisely followed as instructed by physician. It helps in weight reduction for obese patient as well as those who are facing weight related medical problems. It helps them also curb their appetite and increase metabolic rate.

Special precaution to adhere

Breast feeding and pregnant woman should avoid consuming phentermine. If you have a past history of heart problems, thyroid, pulmonary hypertension, alcohol and drug history and are allergic to such diet pills , then you should completely avoid its intake.


It is recommended to consume phentermine exactly the way is it directed by your doctors. Some brands instruct to consume it few hours before breakfast or 2 hour after brunch. Avoid consuming it at night, as it might lead to insomnia. Always store it cool and dry environment, and avoid direct sunlight.

Side effect

You might experience major side effects like chest pain, dizziness, trouble while breathing, numbness, irregular heartbeat and headache, etc if taken more than prescribed. There are possibilities of minor side effects like mouth dryness, skin rashes, reduction in sexual desire and unpleasant taste, etc.

This was all about phentermine, now let us understand more about Fenfluramine. Fenfluramine is recommended by physicians to treat bulimia, obesity and autistic disorder patient.

Dosage and uses

It is important that you open up to your doctor. Inform if you are consuming any non-prescription or prescription drugs, as there is a possibility that this medication may react with the others and can cause harmful reactions. Avoid experimenting with your dosage. Consume it exactly the way it is recommended to you by your doctor.


Heart patient, pregnant and breast feeding women should completely avoid this medication.

Side effects

Over dosage of fenfluramine will lead to same major and minor side effect as phentermine. Taking phentermine along with fenfluramine (Phen-Fen) may cause fatal lung disorder. After history of serious health problems, especially with respect to cardiovascular, consumption of phen fen was banned in the United States in 1997. However, still phen fen is no longer FDA approved and is not available in the market legally. Although one half of this formula is still around the market.