The Best Way to Work into Your Bike Insurance Plans

Getting an insurance for your two wheeler is as important as wearing a safety gear such as a helmet before riding, if not more. One important detail that most individuals forget to keep a tab on is that bike insurance policy is mandated by the law. And driving without a valid insurance is an offense. Apart from breaking the law you also keep yourself vulnerable to various financial expenses should anything go wrong. And not to forget that if a traffic police catch hold of you without insurance, you would have to  pay hefty fines as well.

There are some steps that you can take to ease your way into your bike insurance. These steps include:

  • Ride sensibly

Being a good and sensible rider on the road will impact your insurance off the road. Lesser infractions on your driving license indicate simpler times for you. Firstly, insurers will be more than happy to insure you should you ride safely. Secondly, riding safely keeps you away from frequent claims. This ensures that you can accumulate higher NCB or no claims bonus.

  • Pick the appropriate Add-ons

Add-ons or riders are additional features that you can incorporate into your policy to enhance its capabilities. But it is essential to choose the ones that matter and make sense for you. Many times agents sell you add-ons which just don’t fit into your profile.

  • No Claim Bonus: NCB is a discount on your bike insurance premium that you get if you have claim free years. This ranges from 20% to 50% for 5 claim-free years.

  • Compare bike insurance online

Whether it is your first time experience in buying an insurance or nth time, comparison will make a difference. When you compare different policies online, you get to know the different features and capabilities of the policy. You can also save a decent  amount of money in the exercise as well.

Not Getting All You Want From Bike Insurance? Take These Steps

It is not common for people to buy a bike insurance policy and feel it is just not living up to their expectations. If you find yourself in a similar situation, one of the following hacks might bring about some improvements.

  • Go comprehensive

In order to cut down on the insurance premium, quite a few riders opt for only the basic third party liability insurance. Though technically they are covered with insurance, the policy doesn’t provide a lot of features or benefits. You can’t even claim for own damages. Opt for a comprehensive insurance instead and get much better coverage for a small bump in insurance premium.

  • Add-Ons

One of the most effective ways of enhancing the feature list on your bike insurance is to buy add-ons for it. Depending on your needs you can opt for various riders such as cover for pillion, cover for bike accessories, etc.

  • Renew on time

It is common for policy holders to forget about their bike insurance renewals. Not renewing on time opens the gates for hefty fines from the traffic department, along with the onus of paying for any expenses as a part of an incident or accident.

  • Enhance security

One of the least used methods of reducing your insurance premium is enhancing your bike’s security. If you buy additional security measures for your bike such as theft alarm, it helps in more than one way. Insures have more confidence on your bike and it also increases the chances of reducing your bike insurance premium.

Tools You Probably Don’t Know While You Calculate Two Wheeler Insurance Premiums

Most insurers these days have a lot of online presence. In order to increase their customer base, they take a lot of additional steps. One outcome of such measures is online insurance premium calculators. Online bike premium calculators expect some basic information from you such as manufacturing details of the bike, year of manufacture and registration, model and variant details along with information about the RTO. The calculators then let you know the tentative premium quote that you can expect. If you are happy with it, you can continue with your purchase. Using these calculators before purchase or renewal can be quite helpful.