On the busy streets of Birmingham, a cozy and small white cottage stands which belongs to Mrs. Paul. While interviewing her about her experiences as a customer, the answers she provided clearly showed how big of a difference any bad customer service can make. The few questions we asked her are as following along with her honest answers.

Q:Can you tell us about one bad experience as a customer?

Mrs. Paul: This one time, I was shopping with my husband at Western Market for usual groceries mostly consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits we love to eat. While searching for them, I noticed how only some of the cucumbers on the top were fresh while all of the ones beneath were old and rotten. Similarly, almost all the veggies including kale, cauliflower were stale and putrid. Fuming, I went to look for a manager’s room but didn’t find one. Upon enquiring, the staff at the store asked me to leave without meeting the manager as there wasn’t any manager available. I tried to complain about the vegetables but one of the staff member who was maybe the head of the staff, rudely dismissed me by saying how they know what needs to be taken care of and what should be done. I left the store immediately and never went again. They don’t know how to take bad reviews and were not responsible enough to provide good customer service.

Q:Sorry for the inconvenience, now can you tell us about a good customer service that you got?

Mrs. Paul: Oh! I love to talk about the sweetest staff I met at Monsoon when I went for winter shopping during last winters. I really wanted to buy this cute, warm hand-knitted sweater from there which was out of stock at the time. I especially requested the staff to arrange one for me. After a while, the manager came out of the back and handed me one, of my size and the exact color I wanted. I couldn’t contain my happiness but I remember asking him how did he get one. He said he already had the second shipment stored in the garage but wasn’t due to be unpacked until next week. He specially unpacked one carton for me to get the sweater as I lived far away. I was deeply moved by their exceptional customer service.