Things To Consider To Prevent Eye Bag Formation

Are you recently noticing eye bags under your eyes? It’s commonly known that they are caused by remaining awake till late in the night or due to ageing. But what if you neither come in the ageing category nor you’ve spent late night out on the town?

When eye bags start appearing in the young age, with overall good health and without any apparent cause like staying awake till late, they become even more worrisome.

But if you understand the causes behind their formation and know that there are some easy remedies, you can take a sigh of relief. So, here are some facts.

Though you seem to be overall healthy, eye bag formation indicates that something is seriously wrong. And so, you should take care of your health. Firstly we’ll look at a few factors that are associated to eye bag formation.


In general, we don’t think as much about ligaments as we do about muscles. However, the fact is that our body is a pack of ligaments and we should have knowledge about them, especially when we are looking for ways of looking young.

A ligament is a band of stiff fibrous tissue and its function is to connect two bones or holding an organ in place. As noted by Dr Naveen Somia, an eyebag removal surgeon Sydney; as we age, ligaments beneath the eyes that hold fatty tissue start getting weak and thus the tissue can collapse forward to form eye bags.


As we know that human body is made of water to a great extent, we tend to hold excess water guilty for weight gain and also for eye bags, thinking that they are formed of harmless fluid. But gaining weight or retaining water in any body part to look like a swelling is not that harmless.

When there is water retention, the alert system of the body is trying to tell you that something is seriously wrong. In that case, you should visit your doctor to know the cause.

Fluid retention may also be a sign of an imbalance of electrolytes and minerals like magnesium, sodium or phosphorous.


We notice sometimes that despite all our efforts to look young, we get under eye bags. Genetics and heredity also have a role to play.

If you experience morning puffiness, but aren’t an ageing adult, there may be some other issue like allergies, sinus infections or hormonal problems. As per the Chinese medicine, eye bags and dark circles are formed when the kidney starts weakening.

Nourishment of Ligaments

If you try to find solutions for ligament repair online, you will notice that vitamin C is the most recommended remedy.

While recommendation of vitamin C is not entirely wrong, it’s a bit far from the actual story. The real story can help you repair and maintain healthy and strong ligaments, not only under your eyes but all through your body, so as to help you reduce wrinkles and minimise age-related effects of weakened ligaments.

The fact is that collagen is the miraculous protein that makes the major part of our ligaments and tendons. Thus collagen, but not the gels or creams that don’t genuinely improve collagen levels in your body, strengthens your tissues, while another protein called elastin provides elasticity.

All in all, it’s important to include ample proteins, and not just vitamin C, in your diet to make your ligaments and tendons strong.

Fluid Retention Solutions

To combat fluid retention, follow these five tips:

  1. Make sure you eat high-quality sea salt instead of regular table salt
  2. Dehydration leads to water retention, so drink sufficient high-quality water
  3. Exercise regularly and in right amount
  4. Use natural diuretics
  5. Avoid coffee and alcohol

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