Why Consult Smart Home Installation Company?

Smart home technology is gaining popularity as it is becoming affordable and accessible to users. Smart tech entails the automation and control of air conditioning, heating; home appliances, lighting, and ventilation. ABI Research revealed that by 2012, 1.5 million Americans sought the services from at least one smart home installation company to upgrade their homes. Why enhance your home?

6 Benefits of Smart Home Technology

  • Safeguards your home and belongings
  • Monitors your loved ones including pets
  • Reduces your energy bills
  • Makes you respond to doorbells from anywhere
  • Makes your home cozy
  • Gets you discounts on home insurance

4 Most popular Smart Home Technologies 

Home Security
Home security is a combination of a security system and a smart home system that offers extra services. They include security cameras’ remote surveillance and automatic locking of a home’s doors and windows.

Home Climate
Home climate tech enables a homeowner to control different house energy monitors online remotely. It has a comfortable and easy to use user interface.

Digital Signage
The signage system aids in detecting a home’s occupancy. It uses carbon dioxide sensors and smart meters. One can integrate them into their smart home to trigger energy efficiency responses. Besides, it facilitates creating comfort applications.

Home Lighting
Smart lighting system indicates an individual light control in a room. It comprises photocells, occupancy sensors, and time clocks. They independently control various light groups. One should manually adjust each device. Additionally, there is a central computer control with sophisticated software programs.

5 Popular Smart Home Devices

  • Philips Hue Light Bulbs: They are applicable throughout your home. The LED bulbs can mimic sunset and sunrise hence saving money.
  • Amazon Echo: It is appropriate for kitchen use. One can verbally communicate with it. The device substitutes smartphones.
  • Curb Energy Device: You can use it in a garage or outside your home. It provides you with current energy consumption information for the whole house.
  • Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat: It is ideal for staircases. The system is programmable, and it cools the room where a person is hence saving money.
  • Sonos Speaker System: One home investor can install it in the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining, and rooftop. The wireless sound system can play any music genre.

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