Winstrol Steroid Reviews for Women

It’s now universally accepted that steroids are widely used by fitness freaks in body building community for muscle building and performance enhancement. However, research shows that not just men, but even women are turning to steroids for muscle growth, weight loss etc.

Female body is more sensitive to anabolic steroids, as compared to male’s, so if we talk about choosing steroid supplements, women only have a handful of choices as compared to men. Fortunately, Winstrol works for both men and women. We have summarized some details regarding Winstrol here.

What is Winstrol?

Winstrol is a popular anabolic steroid. The reason for its immense popularity is that it builds lean muscles without putting on much weight. Moreover, it also serves benefits like:

  • Enhancement of strength and stamina.
  • Boosted libido.
  • Leaned, hard and ripped physique.

Winstrol – best solution for cutting cycle

It’s easier to put on extra weight but pretty hard to lose even an ounce especially in women.  It’s true that women gain weight easily than men. Moreover, the fat present in women uses less energy as compared to the muscle fat in a man’s body.

While men use Winstrol for bulking cycles, a lot of female users have reviewed Winstrol as a “perfect steroid for women’s weight loss. Winstrol is effective for both, bulking and cutting cycles which means it is designed to promote both muscle growth and weight loss.

Winstrol targets the fat deposited in the body and burns it very quickly as compared to other steroids. So, if you’re tired of trying every possible thing you could do and still didn’t lose an ounce, you should try Winstrol once.


It’s always recommended to start with the lower dosage of the steroid, no matter what your gender is. For female, a smaller dosage of Winstrol will suffice.

The recommended dosage is 10mg each day preferably for 5 to 6 weeks. However, it’s also important that you strictly follow the training program and dietary instructions along with the steroid supplements.

 Is Winstrol safe?

Winstrol is a milder form of steroid and absolutely safe. However, for maximum effectiveness and positive results, it’s important to be careful while taking the dosage. With the right cycle, training and diet, the outcome will not only be impressive but also safe.

Moreover, you should also check your health status prior to the use of steroids. Steroids consumption is strictly prohibited in people suffering from any diseases.

Finally, women should be more careful while considering steroids as certain steroids can be very hard for women. So, it’s important that you analyze all the facts to avoid any trouble.