5 Major Reasons To Buy Ford Escape in Ottawa

Buying a car is exciting and rejuvenating. However, it is not all cakes and ale. Selecting an SUV can be nerve-wracking for many. With amazing cars available, competition is cutthroat. Among the many SUV available, you should consider buying Ford Escape in Ottawa. The automobile offers more than cargo space. The Escape design gives you the chance to enjoy a sporty ride and a voice command interface.

Why you should buy Ford Escape

Great Performance
The vehicle is built for sports thanks to its responsive steering that provides amazing feedback to drivers. Furthermore, the brakes are not only strong but also very consistent. If you are worried if it can survive all weather, worry no more; the all-wheel drive is a perfect solution.

User-Friendly Features
You will agree with me that most Fords are user-friendly. Latest models are even much better with features controlled with a push of a button provided the key is close by. When traversing states with different weather or climate, you can rely on the automatic climate regulators. You don’t need to keep pushing buttons, use voice command option.

Cargo Space
Cargo space is an essential part of every automobile. You don’t want to hire delivery services for items that you can take home in your car. Both 2017 and 2018 Ford Escape models have an outstanding 68 cubic feet space in the rear seats. What if you have passengers? Well, you still have 34 cubic feet space without moving the seats.

Nonetheless, getting the cargo in and out of the car is a breeze since storage space is placed low. For small items, you can take advantage of the interior storage.

Good safety Features
Car safety has moved a notch higher with the National Highway Traffic Safety and Administration rating automobiles. All Ford models come with automated pressure monitoring systems together with brake-assisting features and dual stage airbags.

Previously, airbags have been known to cause injury. In response to this, most car manufacturers including Ford improved their designs to ensure the airbags don’t harm. In fact, knee airbags have been introduced for the driver and side ones for occupants.

Fuel Efficiency
While there are various models to choose from, Ford SUVs come with 1.5L Eco-Boost engines. This gives Escape two major benefits; efficiency and performance. The boost engines also vary based on your taste and preferences. If you are looking for high performance, you can try 2.0L Eco-Boost engine.

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