5 things you didn’t know about enamel pins

Enamel pins are a great investment. They look great and do so for a long time. Their materials and colors sure do look good and last longer than other media. For many, seeing enamel pins on the street is common. In many companies, enamel pins are even part of uniform policies.

This is the reason why more and more people are making enamel pins for themselves and sale. Enamel pins will be that trendy for a long time. So if you want to know more about this trend, we recommend you keep reading the following lines. After all, enamel pins are a great business opportunity too!

Enamel pins are pretty much indestructible

If you are familiar with enamel pins, you will know that they are very durable. Your only concern may be the paint. The rest of the materials enamel pins use are so hard and sturdy, and you won’t have to worry about breaking your pin that often. It is difficult to find enamel pins that break when they fall, but there are lots and lots of manufacturers around, so be sure to ask for a sample first before buying pins built with faulty materials.

Enamel pins come in different materials

These accessories are so widespread in use and purposes that manufacturers have used many types of combinations of materials to make different pins.

Components such as the cap that holds the pin can be made out of plastic, but it is often metallic too. We often say because enamel pins can come in different qualities and materials, but there is a standard. If you want the cap to be metallic, be sure to ask. Enamel pin caps can be made out of plastic for convenience and to reduce costs, but this is often not a sign of bad quality. If your cap breaks easily, you may not trust that manufacturer again; or ask for better materials.

The cap can be made out of plastic to reduce weight, to enhance looks, or for convenience. For example, some caps look better on the back of the pin backing cards. Sometimes people don’t like how metal feels at their fingertips. There are also the people that have an acidic PH on their sweat, which may degrade most metallic surfaces.

Additionally, certain enamel pins are made of plastic and metal at the same time. Some pins are surrounded by plastic to make the designs stand out more. Plastic is also easy to color, and it looks different than metal. Combining these two types of materials can make interesting designs come to life.

Metallic enamel pins are made with different alloys

There are different alloys available on the market of metallic pins. Clients will mostly choose certain alloys according to its color. The purpose is also important. There are stronger and weaker alloys out there. If a person that is practicing sports use a pin, a more resistant alloy is preferred, so that the pin won’t break. If the pin is intended to use with dark clothes, a silver alloy is preferred, so that the pin’s design stands out more.

There are also alloys that look better with certain color combinations. One alloy will be preferred over others because the intended colors will look better on it.

Enamel pins are designed differently according to their purpose

There are certain types of pins that come with only one type of cap. This is due to the nature of their use. You won’t like to use a cap that is too sturdy or big if you are wearing that pin on a hat, for example. It may harm your scalp if you do. A smaller cap is more desirable in this case.

Enamel pins are made by a lot of different manufacturers worldwide

If you want a good enamel pin for your company or to sell to others, be sure to find a good manufacturer. Most manufacturers use good alloys. But you have to be careful; consistency is an important part of this business. So try a lot of different products before deciding.