5 tips to get a thicker hair naturally

Not every one of us are Pitbull. Baldness doesn’t suit everyone. Now, most of the people face hair loss problems at some point in time in their life. When we face hair loss, we search the whole web for ways how to make our hair thick again. Well, there are a lot of ideas spread on the internet to make your hair thicker naturally. But when we want to get the result, we always give home remedies a try.

Well, hair loss can be caused because of genetic reasons or nutritional deficiencies. But the most popular reason is stress (well it is everywhere, right?). Poor hair growth can be caused by poor circulation to the scalp or maybe for the hormonal problems. We can’t tell the actual cause behind your hair loss. But theoretically trying home remedies how to make your hair thicker is a more pocket-friendly idea then and hair transplantation.

Is boosting your hair thickness using home remedies possible?

There are a lot of reasons behind hair loss and whatever works for you might not work for others. To get a great thick hair is stimulating your hair naturally. It won’t be increased overnight, but if your hair follicles are healthy, you can enjoy more thickened hair fast.

Well, here is your list of top 5 remedies to get a thicker hair naturally. Before we start, remember what we’ve said earlier. We all are individual and different from others. Our reasons for hair loss may differ too. Chances are, they will. So, what worked on someone else doesn’t mean might work on you also.

  1. Biotin: – this is is the most popular remedy to get thicker hair naturally. Although studies regarding biotin are minimal, many of the hair supplements tout biotin. However, let us tell you one thing. Biotin works best if consumed orally. It is also water-soluble so an excess of it will be flushed from your body by urine. Remember one thing; biotin may not do wonders to your hair until you are deficient in biotin.
  2. Keep your hair healthy and hydrated: – castor oil is a fantastic remedy and known for being good for your hair. You can buy it from hotozcoupons.com.au at a discounted rate. Use it as a conditioning mask to your hair. Massage it to your hair and scalp. Then cover your hair for the next few minutes. And then you can apply shampoo and condition your hair because too much oil can make it greasy. Experts recommend keeping it a little bit. They recommend making your DIY hair mask using bananas and grapeseed oil and then apply it directly to your scalp. Grapeseed oil contains fatty acids, which is good for our hair. Even the Vitamin B present in bananas helps too.
  3. Give green tea a shot: – yes, we know it tastes too bad. But it has been proven for doing good to your body. It helps to reduce the chances of cancer and even type 2 diabetes. It has an anti-androgen effect which might help you to reduce the chances of baldness. Well, we do not have enough results to prove our point. But it won’t do any harm; instead it might help you.
  4. Get a scalp massage: – there might not be books about how exactly scalp massage helps you to get more thicker hair. But some studies said, it helps. Well, what if it doesn’t help at all though it feels good right?
  5. Test out the inversion method: – people who keep searching “how to” videos on getting more thicker hair in YouTube must know about this. The idea of this is to invert your head upside down in a comfortable angle and massage your scalp with warm oil. Well although it has not proven yet supporting your blood flow in your scalp by this method may help your hair grow. And if this doesn’t work? Well, again a massage on your scalp after a hectic a tiresome day feels good right?

People who used these remedies in their cases were benefitted. But again, that doesn’t mean it will work on your case too. If you have a health issue which causes hair fall. Even the most popular remedy can’t help you then. Don’t get sad. It doesn’t mean you haven’t got lucky. You can try styling your hair to make it look like thicker. Well, we’ll talk about that some other day. 5 tips to get a thicker hair naturally