Awesome Destinations Offered by Batam Tourism

When people hear about Batam, mostly they will think about business and industry. Batam islands have been so famous as the famous area for industry, business and shopping. It is because the islands are close to Singapore, so people think that this is just like a Singapore. In fact, Batam is not only about industry or business. The islands become the gate to go to Singapore and Malaysia, but this is not simply about area of transit. Batam provides excellent tourism objects to explore. The islands provides good chances for people to get closer to nature. This may be famous for its business center, but in fact, great natural resorts are also provided. Surely, Batam tourism gives good combination of business and well-kept environment that will always be great pleasure. Batam has ideal place for shopping and remote islands for diving or enjoying the beauty of the sea.  Shopping can be done in Nagoya, while the beauty of the sea can be found in Abang Island and Bawah Island. Surely, this is not as what people think, and Batam can be great tourism destination.

The first destination to go is Nagoya. Nagoya can be right spot for people who love shopping. This area provides Nagoya Super Block that can be right choice to shop many kind of stuffs. Surely, Nagoya can be great batam tourism for shopping. Location of Nagoya is not difficult to access. This area is located near the City Center. That is why it will not be difficult to get access to reach Nagoya. People can go to Nagoya easily by taking taxi from the airport. It will not take long time to reach here. Nagoya itself provides modern shopping malls for many kinds of modern products. There are also condominiums and apartment. Of course, it will not be too difficult to find accommodation in this area. There are some hotels with various classes and price. When people want to get some foods, it can be gotten easily. There are many restaurants selling fast foods, Chinese food, steak, Peking duck, and many other menus. There is integrated city walk for visitors, so they can take a walk comfortably without the risk of rain or sunlight.

Then, Batam also provides awesome escape for people who have been so bored and tired with the daily business. After shopping and enjoying the city walk in Nagoya, the next destination is two awesome islands. Abang Island and Bawah Island will be the batam tourism for natural resorts. People may not predict that actually Batam provides great islands to visit and they are remote islands, where the beauty of nature is still preserved well and there is no noise. It is great escape to find, and vising these islands will refresh the mind.

  • Bawah Island is part of the Anambas Islands in Riau Islands. The Bawah Island itself are made of 5 island and they create awesome lagoon. Blue lagoon with very clear water provides great view of colorful fish and other sea animals. Even, some tourists have claimed that this is like the beauty offered by Maldives. That is why this is called as Maldives of Anambas.
  • Abang Island also provides beautiful underwater gardens. Beautiful fish, coral reefs and other awesome creatures can be found in this island. Because of the great preserved and protected nature, this area becomes observation center for coral reefs. Even, this area has Blue Coral that is famous as rare coral and the coral only lives in the clear water with high quality of water.