Consider Adoption, it’s not the end!

Adoption is the legal process whereby a child’s rights and responsibilities are permanently handed over from the birth parents over to the adoptive parents. The adoption process can be explained, assisted and guided by the help of family lawyers in Sydney. Although adoption is not always considered an option, but it is something that people should be more open to. Adopting or putting your child up for adoption might just give a child the opportunity to a life that they would have never had. In this article we will explore the putting your child up for adoption part.

Family lawyers in Sydney (like can help you in the entire process to understand how the law works regarding adoption. They can explain to you what rights and options you have, whether or not you can have contact after the adoption, etc. There are many factors to consider while making the big decision of actually putting your child up for adoption. Along with the adoption process can come emotional and legal effects and it is important to find the right family lawyers in Sydney that have your and your child’s best interest at heart in this journey.

Putting a child up for adoption is not an easy thing to do, it takes courage and careful consideration. So, take the necessary time to really work through it all. Family lawyers in Sydney can be there every step of the way and even show you alternatives to adoption that might be a better fit for your situation.

New-born adoptions you need to wait until at least 30 days after the birth of your baby before you can give consent to the adoption. Before you can give consent you have to communicate to a Registered Adoption Counsellor. It is their responsibility to ensure you are fully aware of what adoption means for you both (child and father). If you as the parent are under 18 or an Aboriginal, your adoption case might differ slightly. Get in touch with family lawyers in Sydney to give you the needed advice in those cases.

For older children it is also a different process. As children who has been with their parents for a few years or more has already adapted to living circumstances and they might need careful preparation to help them through the process as well as it will be a very emotional and confusing journey for them.

Children are the future of tomorrow, and we should strive to give them the best life possible, whether we can do it ourselves or maybe give them up for adoption if we know that we can not provide the best circumstances for them to grow up healthy and educated and sustained with love and appreciation. It is not an easy choice to make neither an easy road to actually walk out. But there are countless of adopted children who can testify of how much the adoption helped them to live a better life and secure a greater future for them. Adoption is not the end of the road, it might just be the new beginning needed for a life of greatness.