Everything You Need to Know About Gastroenterology?

If your daily activities are hindered by excess gas and you see blood in your stool constantly, then it is quite possible that you aren’t comfortable with sharing such information with someone else. However, gastroenterologists are actually the people that you can speak with and find out how and why these conditions are surfacing.

With gastroenterology, you are given the resources that you need in order to determine what the best course of action is whenever you are plagued with a condition that is related to your stomach or colon. Gastroenterologists specialize in these matters so you do not have to worry about being embarrassed when explaining yourself to them.

Parts of the GI system

There are multiple parts of the GI system that your gastroenterologist can take care of. These parts are important because your GI system moves the food in your body to the places that they need to go to in order for you to digest them and absorb their nutrients. The final route, of course, is your bladder.

When you see blood in your stool, then you are looking at something that needs to be taken care of by someone who specializes in gastroenterology. They will be able to find the root cause of the issue and isolate any parts that may be causing the condition. These parts include:


Salivary glands





Small intestine

Large intestine

You also have other important parts of the GI system such as:






For the last two, you may also be directed to a proctologist. However, gastroenterology generally covers the entire GI system due to the interconnected complications that arise from an isolated part.

There is no age limit to gastroenterology

People of all ages are taken care of by gastroenterologists. Of course, there are going to be clinics that may specialize in a primary age group, but you don’t have to worry about trying to find one that’s specifically for yours. As long as you make an appointment, get consultation, and be deemed that you require treatment, you will be treated regardless of your age.

Gastroenterologists don’t perform surgery

The primary responsibility of a gastroenterologist when it comes to their specialization is to perform endoscopic procedures. This is far away from a surgery. However, if your condition has led up to the point that you are in need of a surgery, you will be routed to GI surgeons. There are different ways of treating different conditions which depend on your medical history.

Complications and conditions

There are a number of complications and conditions that you should look out for. Know that these can be treated by a gastroenterology specialist:


Hepatitis C

Acid reflux



Blood in the stool


Colon cancer

As stated above, treatment is nonsurgical, but are still effective. Due to the technology available today, you no longer have to fear invasive surgery to be performed just to check what you have to do in order to treat a complication or certain condition.

To keep a healthy lifestyle for yourself and others you can learn signs and symptoms of functional GI disorders by continuing your education. gastroenterology. Visit our website to learn more.