How Does Gambling Addiction Affect Addict’s Close Ones?

Gambling addicts are people who like to spend most part of the day and most of their money on placing bets with the hope that they can win a lot. Over time, they place complete focus on wagering and ignore their health, occupation, loved ones and even basic necessities like food, shelter etc. Gambling turns into an obsession for them. Find out how online gambling addiction affects the close ones of addicts.


Watching their friend or family member slowly losing the sense of self in gambling activities makes them depressed. This sense of depression is heightened by a loss of income, lack of reciprocation of love and affection, watching the loved one alternating between elation and depression when they win and lose etc. In worst cases, they are forced to get assistance from therapists and counselors in order to get back to health or put an end to their loved ones’ addiction.

Sense of insecurity

Family members who depend on the income of the addict or have a close emotional relationship with them, such as a parent, spouse, offspring etc, can have a sense of insecurity. They can feel that they are going to lose everything, only bit by bit. This gradual descent into darkness makes people related to gambling addiction sufferers become anxious and insecure. This feeling of insecurity can make friends or family members of compulsive gamblers turn into addicts themselves, turning to alcohol or substance abuse.

Gambling addiction

In some cases, the craving for money through gambling – as seen in addicts – also has a similar influence on their loved ones. They take up gambling themselves and put in a lot of their own income into placing bets. Slowly, they lose themselves into gambling activities and end up spending more and more money even at the cost of ignoring their daily expenses and household bills related to electricity, medicine etc.