Mediation can make a Divorce Process go Smoothly

Mediation is an invaluable divorce instrument in most Colorado family law related cases such as divorce. It is intended to create unity between the spouses, and resolve conflict relating to marital property, alimony and child custody. Divorce is both an energy draining and emotional process where you suffer the loss of your marriage, desperation in-terms of financial status, and above all, you must plan for the future and this may be more challenging than you think.

According to Divorce Matters in Greenwood Village, many people including your relatives and confidants may be there to offer advice and their opinion on your situation, but the final decision concerning finances, property, and parenting lies in you and your spouse. If you find it difficult to agree on those critical issues on the start of the divorce process, you are advised to consider mediation.

Mediation includes marriage therapy focusing more on divorce proceedings and takes an approach that addresses the conflicts between the spouses. A mediator acting as a third-party comes in handy at this point for smooth divorce process. The following factors outline the importance and benefits of mediation.

Mediators are impartial and objective

You and your spouse may not be seeing eye for an eye on the divorce proceedings. A mediator has no emotional attachment to the divorce issue and therefore handles the issues competently, objectively and without bias.

Assurance of individual privacy

You may not be comfortable with all your divorce case information being in the open for all who attend the case in court. Unlike the court proceedings which are public, mediation is private and therefore, creates a conducive environment for you and your spouse to talk without fear of judgmental comments from the public.

Freedom of expression

Unlike in court proceedings where a lawyer or other people may represent you, mediation gives you an opportunity to express your views to a good listener who assists you in arriving at an appropriate answer to your challenges.

Saves time and money

Disagreements between you and your spouse pertaining property sharing and child custody may land you in court for a judge to decide on your behalf. A lot of time will be spent in court trying to give evidence to convince the judge. Mediation can help you and your spouse to agree on the most critical issues before the court procedures.

Mediation may save your marriage

Marriage therapy and counselling through mediation for couples considering divorce can prevent the divorce from occurring. In the process, the third-party mediator may help in solving the marriage challenge such as poor communication regarding their relationship and their general life desires.

However, if you consider moving on with divorce as the right option for you, then engage a family lawyer who has vast experience in mediation and/or representing clients who attend mediation sessions.

Mediation can be voluntary or court-ordered especially where there are vital unsettled issues before the final hearing of the case. It is crucial that you use voluntary arbitration to solve divorce problems.