Pavilion Mall- A Shoppers Dream Come True

Pavilion is a huge and a famous shopping mall in Kuala lampur, which is the most sought after shopping destination both by the locals and the tourists. The mall is a complex with 7 floors which have more than 450 stores that house many international shopping brands and gourmet selections.  Shoppers can find most of the luxury brands like Prada, Rolex and Lacoste at the pavilion along with the mid and low range local fashion labels.  If you are interested to find out the best shopping attractions in pavilion kl, visit any travel websites that cater to tourism in Malaysia or ask your travel guide.

The pavilion mall has eight different pavilions that cater to different sections like couture, furniture, super markets, restaurants, book stores and cinemas. It is a one stop shop for all your requirements. Starting from fashion to furniture you can find stores that cater to different categories. There is also a beauty hall where the visitors can take a break and relax with soothing massage therapies in the various spas.

The couture pavilion has the world renowned luxury fashion labels like Gucci, Givenchy, Versace and Cartier. The gourmet emporium has a wide variety of dining options and also has a super market. The fashion avenue has a collection of local and global fashion labels. The dining loft consists of some of Malaysia’s best restaurants. The connection is a pavilion which houses the cinemas and the Red Box plus Karaoke house. The Beauty hall houses a number of spas and salons where the visitors can relax in between their shopping fiesta. Tokyo Street is a pavilion that houses some of the famous Japanese fashion brands like Nike, Kenji corner along with the best Japanese restaurants. The centre court is a place to conduct events and promotions in the mall. Some of the famous events held here are the KL Fashion Week and Waku Japan Festival. The centre court is also used for creating thematic decorations in the mall.

The main entrance of the mall has the tallest liuli crystal fountain in Malaysia. It is known as the pavilion crystal fountain. Visitors can toss coins in to the fountain and make a wish. The coins from the fountain are donated to charities in Malaysia.

The locals of Malaysia frequent this mall to escape the hot and humid climate. So avoid visiting pavilion at weekends if you want a leisure shopping experience.  The nearest monorail stations to this mall are Bukit Bintang and Raja Chulan stations. You can also reach pavilion by taxi from any place in Kuala lampur.

You can visit the website of the mall to find out the best shopping attractions in pavilion kl.  The stores here also offer attractive discounts and freebies to the shoppers from time to time. It is a must visit destination for all the shopping lovers. They can find everything from the high end luxury fashion labels to the reasonably priced fashion choices under one roof.