Source or Not Outsource Your Event Organising Position

Interesting question, isn’t it? As organizations or individuals, we must have encountered a similar situation wherein we are caught in this dilemma – whether to source or outsource an event organizing position. It is understandable that the times have changed and we see our peers/fellow companies stepping forward and making the bold move of trusting this responsibility of event organizing into the hands of event management companies. Are you convinced that they are making the right move? What do you think will be benefitting for them as individuals or companies by literally ‘relinquishing’ their job of event management? Let’s assess them here!

  1. Experience of event management companies will play a vital role in determining that they are indeed the best partners to outsource your task. An all-around experience in every type of event and specifically the ones that your company or family wants to organize will ease the burden off your shoulders
  2. Leveraging resources and suppliers will be the responsibility of the event management team. There are no more hassles about talking to different vendors about your requirements and working through the best quotes amongst them for your resource needs – the event management team owns this!
  3. You are definitely going to save time and focus on what really needs to be your role/task in the upcoming event. There will no more be longer hours, stressful encounters, working beyond your capacity and working with unknowns whilst organizing an event for your family or for your organizations.
  4. The budgetary constraints and evaluating cost-effective options will be the sole responsibility of your event partners. Their association or tie-up with best hotels, locations, audio/visual arranging vendors will yield you better costs and optimize your spending for event organizing.
  5. The event management companies assure the planning and executing the events in a much transparent and accountable manner so that the client is kept updated through the progress of the entire ordeal. In a few scenarios, they are able to absorb any feedback and suggestions in order to better the event in line with customer expectations too.

Country Wide Events (CWE), one of the best event organisers in Dubai, has established these benefits for all of their customers. CWE has been the best outsourcing partners for event organizing for several years now and proudly boast of customer testimonials of successfully organizing corporate events, seminars, trade shows, weddings, and cultural events.