Top 5 Places to Visit with Rental Car in Amsterdam

Whether you travel to Amsterdam for a business trip, a short weekend, visit friends, or for a holiday, you might consider checking for a car rental upfront. When you forget to do so, and you arrive, and you try to rent a car on the spot, all cars could be rented out, and you will need to wait for some time before rented cars return. So best is to prepare ahead of time, and have a car waiting for you when you arrive.

After you have made your mind on which car rental in Amsterdam to choose, here are top 5 places to visit with a rental car in Amsterdam.

  1. Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof is the flower capital of the world, covering 79 acres of breathtaking beauty. More tulips are shipped from Keukenhof than any other place in the world. Springtime is the best time to visit this beautiful floral paradise. It is easy to spend the day viewing over 7 million tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths.

  1. The Gogh Museum

It is a “must see” venue for any art lover. This place holds over200 paintings and 500 drawings. The museum displays Van Gogh’s life from Amsterdam to Paris and finally to Arles. When he left Amsterdam, his works were dark. When he got to Paris, his paintings began to take on color, and when he finally got to Arles, he reached the height of his creative career. The world lost a truly brilliant artist when Vincent took his own life in a fit of depression. As the artist passed away, hundreds of his amazing works are still available in the Gogh Museum.

  1. The Anne Frankhuis

 There was light in the dark days of Hitler’s brutal reign during World War II. The Anne Frankhuis was one of those lights. It was in this house that a Dutch Jew, Otto Frank, and his Jewish family hid from Nazi persecution until near the end of the war when they were mysteriously betrayed and sent to their deaths. Anne read Charles Dickens’ work to try to keep her sanity. The sad story is told in a visit to this incredible place.

  1. Rembrandtplein 

It is one of the most famous squares in Amsterdam. Rembrandtplein homes some famous pubs, restaurants, hotels, and cafes. It’s a perfect place for tourists as you can meet a lot of local people here. If you want to have a memorable experience in Amsterdam, don’t forget to try traditional Dutch pubs to have a perfect experience of the place.

  1. The Amsterdam Canals

The most striking tourist attraction of Amsterdam is its canals. There are plenty of canals in the city and due to them; the city is also named as Venice of the north. Canal boats are the best way to explore the many artificial canals of Amsterdam, where one can see the incredible Dutch buildings along the canals. Take a canal trip and experience the magic of place yourself.

So make sure that your holiday or business trip is well prepared, and make a reservation for your rented car in advance to guarantee your vacation is a smashing success!