Can You Really Achieve Weight Loss with The Help of Anavar?

Anavar is another steroid in the series of anabolic androgenic steroids usually used by people to cut their body fat and preserve muscle tissues. Anavar is also known as oxandrolone and is quite popular among athletes, who want to remain fit. Though it is not considered as weight loss drug, its action can result in hormonal and metabolic changes. In spite of its weight loss benefits neither FDA nor medical fraternity accept this drug as weight loss drug. It is also listed among schedule III drug list and hence not available without any prescription.

Uses of Anavar

Anavar is quite popular among non-medical users for increasing muscular strength and mass. Unlike Anadrol and many other testosterones the muscle gain that is achieved by Anavar is without any water retention and weight gain. Many men and women prefer to use this steroid during cutting cycle to promote fat loss.

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Anavar can influence thyroid binding globulin concentration, which produces certain hormone that can help in increasing metabolism in our body cells. Thus, weight loss that is obtained by Anavar is not a myth. However, it is not that significant that it can be called as weight loss pill as such.

People can really develop very good figure after using this drug for a month during cutting cycle. You will not lose your muscle in this process by using anavar 50mg weight loss drug. Right dosage and frequency of its intake followed by appropriate exercise, balanced and nutritious diet are also necessary to achieve desired results.

How to achieve weight loss

Due to its side effects and other adverse reaction Anavar is not easily available everywhere. Usually, it is available with the potency of 2.5 mg, but the tablet of 10 mg potency is also available.

For achieving proper results anavar can be stacked with either Deca durabolin or Trenbolone during cutting cycle. However, before using them to achieve weight loss you must be fully aware about its various side effects.  The weight loss effect can be seen more with a person whose basic body composition is lean. Those who are excessively overweight may not benefit much from Anavar.

Is Anavar effective?

Bodybuilders prefer to use Anavar because of its structure that helps in promoting resistance to catabolism in muscle tissues. People do not experience any water retention during muscle growth and also prevents body fats. However, this drug is not absolutely free from any side effects.