What Is the Best Dosage of CBD in Different Forms?

Consumption of cannabis is increasing day by day and with the increasing demand for medical marijuana, people are not heeding on the dosage, the right way of taking CBD and selecting the right source to purchase it. This causes numerous health issues instead of delivering positive results.

How many of you actually know the dosage of CBD when you are consuming it in different forms? It’s essential to note the right dosage as the overdose of cannabis can develop various health problems. Below are the detailed information about its dosage and the right amount of intake.

Dry Herb: If you are taking it for the first time, you can take between o.25 to 0.5 grams. This is the best amount that can work well for your body. But if you are prescribed a different amount by your doctor you can change this amount accordingly. However, if your doctor recommended a lesser amount, you should stick to that amount. Increasing your dosage may harm your body.

CBD Edibles: Taking the CBD oil in with your food is another great idea but when it comes to its right dosage, you should not move above 10mg of THC or CBD. Here in case of consuming edibles, you need to know that as a part of food, it will require time to get absorbed in your body through the process of metabolism. Hence you need to wait for a few hours to experience its effect. You should also note that with CBD edibles, you avoid consuming heavy meal as it will increase its execution time.

CBD Oils: This is the most common form of medication that is recommended by the doctors. A standard dosage of CBD oil is basically 10mg but it will depend upon your number of dosage prescribed by your doctor. The CBD oil is one such medication which is included in your routine in form of small dosage. So, you should avoid taking a heavy dose until and unless you are prescribed by a professional doctor. Note that the dosage mentioned above is for whole day consumption which will be distributed in small dosages if you have a frequent intake of CBD.

Cannabis Topicals: All the medicines/products mentioned under tropicals are applied on your skin. Hence there is not any limit of using these medicines. You can simply ask your doctor and start using it as per the prescription. You can even use it more or less as mentioned by your doctor.

Conclusion: Whatever form of consumption you choose, it’s essential to consult your doctor before taking it. The above-mentioned dosage is common but that doesn’t mean you need to take this even when you are not recommended to consume the same. Once you consult your doctor, you will be prescribed the right dosage as per your problem and the mode of medication allowed to you. Above all from the very first day of consuming CBD, you should always stay attentive towards your body behavior and skip its overdose if you really want to get positive results.