What Should You Do if an Item Bursts Out of Your Windshield?

If your windshield breaks a piece of glass, it is best to have it repaired immediately. However, sometimes scheduling difficulties or financial bottlenecks can cause the driver to delay the repair for a few days. In this case, he may take some precautions to facilitate the later repair with a windshield repair equipment and to prevent the chipping from causing a large crack.

The crack should only be pasted over with clear, residue-free, removable adhesive tape to prevent contamination. Don’t use any other type of tape! Avoid washing the vehicle if possible, never with very cold water. In addition, the driver should pay close attention to pressure acting on the disc from the inside. Due to the special hardening of the glass, the risk of a crack under pressure from the inside of the windshield is significantly greater. Even a simple finger pressure on the damaged area from the inside can cause a crack.

Never apply glue to the chipping. On the Internet, you may find the common (but wrong) advice to do a repair yourself. Never do that! It does not work and instead can make a real repair by spilling contamination impossible. Chipping can’t be polished with a set for scratching, because the damage just goes too deep into the glass layer.

Has the spalling checked and repaired before the weather changes dramatically so that no large temperature changes can cause a crack?

How to Avoid Chipping on the Windshield

Spalling can be avoided by keeping a sufficient distance to any preceding trucks or similar vehicles that carry rubble or rubble. Also, a suitable safety distance to cars in front of you can help prevent your vehicle from being struck by stones thrown through the air. Unfortunately, not every damage can be averted. If it does happen, masking the damage with clear, residue-free, removable tape prevents dirt or water from entering the damaged area. In this way, they improve the chances of success of a later repair.

Sometimes hail showers damage the windshield. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to the weather forecast to avoid damage. With appropriate forecasts, you should park your vehicle in a garage. Parents of small children can also set clear rules for ball games or throwing stones near vehicles parked outdoors.